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These are the list of today's top Recent twitter trending hashtags and topics by just searching on the search bar above or by choosing from the provided list of countries and towns. Keep track of the Trendchirp and hashtags through out the day all over the world.It’s utterly fascinating watching how memes evolve over time.Twitter users have gotten exceedingly good at the trend, so our team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the very best “Did it hurt?” memes that mix humor with harsh kernels of truth to share with you.and the need to avoid using pick-up lines that are cheesier than a large pizza with extra cheese. Twitter is the happy place of comedy nerds and degenerates of all different flavors, so this weekend, give yourself a heaping serving on some Twitter humor.An experiment: Approach multiple white men with an offensive stereotype.Must be done in that order or you'll have to wait to be released from the hospital before you can conclude the experiment."If you don't still say 'wed-ness-day' in your head when you spell 'Wednesday,' then you're a f***ing liar.Sometimes a meme is so damn good/funny/perfect that you just have to save are a bunch that I've saved over the years that I like to just look at every now and again when I need a good laugh.Meme productions have reached an all time high, as memers and jokers work tirelessly to help us laugh at and make sense of the world.The days of reading the paper are behind us.So take a break from the day, put up your feet and scroll through some trending memes.Just in case you blocked out the past two years, we are in fact in the year 2022.They’re so perfectly “2022” that you can’t even imagine explaining to your past self the tension that exists between Elmo and a pet rock.Or how…actually, we’ll let the memes do the talking. Twitter is a microblogging site in which messages of 140 characters can be shared via text, a web interface or mobile apps.By now, you’ve probably seen hundreds of colorful result boxes flooding your social media timelines.However, if you’ve been living under a rock and you have no idea what I’m talking about.What’s up, folks? We are back again for another roundup of the best memes on the Internet.This marks the umpteenth year in a row that I’ve been publishing a roundup of the Best Damn Photos on the Internet each and every day and I’m glad you guys are still along for the ride!If you enjoyed this collection of 2022’s best memes then be sure to share it with your friends! Now let’s get to the good stuff. Twitter it back and it's bringing the heat as usual.After stockpiling during the early days of COVID, I'm confident that the amount of food would have lasted them a week.Come on in and take a break with this stellar group of. Twitter always knows how to bring the heat. I gotta tell ya, I love the Times of India newspaper.If you're spending New Year's Eve at home, here's.There’s an old saying about Twitter: “Come for the Tweets, stay for the genius, brutal, hilarious replies.Ok, fine, that’s not an old saying and I made it up just now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.Seriously though, if you’re not reading Twitter for the comebacks though, you’re missing out on gems like these…Another week, another round-up of the best jokes and memes from last week on Twitter.Twitter always delivers the heat, so check back next week for more funny jokes from Twitter.'Grand Theft Auto' has been out for a week now, and.The new online word game is the talk of the internet as players around the world compete to guess a five-letter word in six or fewer attempts.A new puzzle gets released every day, and everyone is sharing their results on social media with colourful square emojis.This week, memes are flooding Twitter as people react to the phenomenon.I’ve been on Twitter since the beginning, and while it has evolved and changed over the years What better way to process this social media platform purchase than with tweets and memes about Elon Musk and Twitter.Who knows but one thing I do know, this is a very meme-able situation so bring on the funny Twitter Elon Musk memes!Many have now joined the trend to share hilarious posts under the trend Twitter Crush.A few have also unleashed their creativity to come up with rib-tickling memes.people were sharing about the different ways in which they have dropped a hint about their feelings but their crush failed to notice the covert message.This comes after the Tesla founder bought a 9.As reported by the BBC, the stake is worth a staggering $2.Following the news, memes are flooding Twitter as social media users react to the businessman’s purchase.Thursday saw a new trend picking up on Twitter with netizens taking a moment to share what all has changed in their lives ever since Instagram took over.They have taken things to a different level as they go on to describe how their real lives were before they were introduced to the photo-sharing app and how things took a turn when their real life was out for everybody to see on reels.Ask Me Anything feature.The truly good ones get everyone to join in, from your fave Twitter comedians, to basically every brand,to your high school teacher who you still inexplicably follow on Twitter nearly a decade later (just me?).and probably spent way too much time reminiscing in order to round up some of the meme formats from 2021 that are sure to make the Twitter Hall of Fame.Every June, we're met with more and more absurd attempts by corporate America to prove their dedication to try to convince customers that they really care.who beautifully encapsulates the effect businesses have on the rest of us when they pander to queer people once a year.For quite a long time, committed Twitter users have urged the app's developers to introduce an 'edit' function so that users can fix embarrassing typos instead of deleting and reposting a whole new tweet.Seems like a reasonable request, but apparently Twitter didn't think so.'Rip Twitter' ironically started trending on Twitter as soon as the announcement about the new features were made.Spring is here, and for some reason I forget how much it rains during this season.When something sucks, I meme it! That’s exactly what we are doing today with these funny rain many Spring days when it was just a clear sky and the beautiful sun was out – but then the rain creeps in and is like a bad houseguest that won’t leave.Well, here we are.people with COVID-19 from 10 days to 5."the CDC announced they were cutting the recommended isolation period for people with COVID-19 from 10 days to 5"though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.Sometimes the only way to get through all of the insanity is to laugh, and 2022 is starting off strong with some hilarious memes.Let’s take a look at the very best memes that have gone viral this year, and some that are so funny from last year, they’re still keeping us—and the internet—laughing.A new meme format, trending on Twitter, hilariously reimagines the way in which the English alphabet are taught.To expand the idea, most Twitter users are using popular Bollywood movie dialogues, scenes or names of celebrities.Take another example.Life can get challenging at times, and we are often faced with problems.We forget to smile.Many have questions about memes, and in this post we will discuss a couple of interesting inquiries about funny memes.Whew! It's been quite a year, and with all the wild things that have happened, we've also been gifted with a ton of hilarious memes.And feel free to follow the accounts that made you laugh so your Twitter timeline will be even better!Every year, Pride Month is held in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.It allows people to come together, show how far LGBTQ+ rights have come and also raise awareness that there is still work to be done.This year, the celebrations are set to be bigger and better than ever as it’s been 50 years since the first ever Pride event.We apologize to our mothers in advance.Pray for forgiveness and I’m sure you’ll receive it.Either way, we’ve taken the time out of our day full of looking at smut to condense some of that filth into one post.This week in Memesaab, I’m going to make you lose your faith in humanity and the Internet.The world is fighting a deadly pandemic and people are losing livelihoods but hey, as long as we follow stupid trends, it’s all worth it, right? Remember when people thought drinking bleach would cure Covid?And the Internet, like humanity itself, has managed to celebrate those too.Best trending Funny Gas Price Memes.Even before the war, Americans were seeing gas prices start to rocket sky high, and it is going to get even worse.There have been photos all across social media of people going a little nuts over the high gas prices and wondering how high it will get.People admit the disgusting things they've done but.Would be diamond thieves get fooled by polycarbonate.The White House just unveiled the newly remodeled Rose.“#1 Source of Memes to show your Grandma!” reads the description of this Twitter account.Are you a meme lover? Is the photo gallery of your phone filled with humorous images? Do you often convey complex emotions through aptly designed memes? A little use of the Thesaurus whilst writing an essay never hurt anybody.