Tips For Eliminating Trespassers In Fortnite

It's no secret that Fortnite has a bit of a problem with trespassers. Whether it's people coming onto your property to steal your stuff, or just general nuisance-makers, it can be a real pain to deal with.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help deter trespassers and keep your property safe. Here are a few tips:

Use the "Report" feature

If you see someone trespassing on your property, you can report them to the Fortnite dev team using the in-game "Report" feature. To do this, simply open up the "Report" menu (found in the settings), and select "Trespassing" from the list of options.

Set up traps

One of the best ways to deter trespassers is to set up traps around your property. There are a variety of traps you can use, including floor spikes, wall darts, and ceiling traps.

To set up a trap, simply approach the desired location and select the "Place Trap" option. Then, choose the type of trap you want to use.

Use the "Build" feature

If you're having trouble keeping trespassers off your property, you can use the "Build" feature to block off areas of your property. To do this, approach the area you want to block off and select the "Build" option. Then, choose the type of barrier you want to use.

Get a pet

Pets can be a great way to deter trespassers, as they'll often bark or growl when someone comes onto your property. To get a pet, simply approach a pet vendor in-game and purchase the pet of your choice.

Ask a friend for help

If you're really struggling to keep trespassers off your property, you can always ask a friend for help. To do this, simply select the "Invite Friend" option from the main menu. Then, choose the friend you want to invite and send them an invitation.

Following these tips should help you to eliminate trespassers from your property and keep your Fortnite experience enjoyable.